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by chirpyest

Emma here again, this time sharing my kitchen essentials you should stock up on! The apartment shopping feels like it will never end, but I am loving picking out items and earning cash back with chirpyest when I do so!

I am trying to be “that girl” or I guess I should say “that adult” and completely organize my kitchen. I am also trying to limit my waste, so I have included some of my zero waste food storage options.

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Pots & Pans

Our Place pots and pans are amazing! I recently got the Perfect Pot and I am in love!! There is a built-in strainer, roasting rack and it’s free of chemicals! I am also in love with their color choices!

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Zero Waste Food Storage

I have been slowly trying to become zero waste with my food storage. This means getting rid of ziplock bags, tin foil and so on. The reusable food storage bags take the place of ziplock bags and can be run through the dishwasher. The lid huggers will conform to any type of dish so you can store it in your fridge. These are my favorite because I do not need to dirty another dish to store the item!

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Food Containers

Recently I purchased these storage containers and I am loving them! I might have just purchased two more sets…lol. I am trying to become the type of person that has their pantry completely organized with containers and labels for everything. It looks so aesthetically pleasing.

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