Content Creator Kit: A Guide to Get Started

by chirpyest

The chirpyest team is providing what we think is the ultimate content creator kit to help you get started. We are here to help guide you on your creator journey. If you are just starting out taking content creating seriously and don’t know where to start – look no further! Below we have curated what we believe is the perfect guide to get started. Be creative and prepared with our content creator kit!

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Tech Products

Selfie Tripod – An absolute must as a content creator is a selfie tripod with a ring light! As ideal as it is to have someone take photos of you, that isn’t always the case. One thing to remember when starting off with creating content is to not be embarrassed when taking content in public. As awkward as it might seem just remember this is something you love to do, embrace that creativity and be confident – it will definitely show through on your content!

New iPhone – Whether you have an extra just for work or one used for personal and business, the newest iPhone is a must. Your phone will be your holy grail when it comes to creating content so make sure you take good care of it.

Cannon Camera – If you are more into videos than photos, then a cannon camera is going to be your go to. Film yourself on the go with this mirrorless 4k camera for vlogs. Easy to use with great quality.

Chirpyest Creator Kit

Other Content Must Haves

Trusty Tote – When your out creating content make sure you have a go to tote bag to carry all of your outfit changes and gear for shooting. Bonus points for cuteness to add into your content.

Pop Up Tent – Perfect for on the go changing. If you have a busy day of shooting multiple outfits this pop up tent will be a game changer for you. Stop awkwardly changing in your car, or constantly running into establishments for the restroom. Instead just pop up your portable changing room. It may draw some attention, but hey maybe it will help gain you some followers?

Canva – A non-physical must have is definitely a Canva account! If you don’t have one already, you absolutely need it for all of your editing needs. Let your creative juices flow on this platform where to can design and edit to create your perfect aesthetic.

Recreate Madysen’s Look

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