Easy Summer Dinner Party Guide: Colorful Tableware & More

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With summer in full swing, there’s no better time to indulge in the trendiest of social gatherings: the summer dinner party. While the menu is certainly the most crucial element to consider, it’s the finer details that elevate the gatherings from ordinary to spectacular. Moreover, captivating tablescapes, a well-designed bar cart, and kitchen essential must-haves have transformed into the reigning elements of a memorable summer dinner party. So, we gathered the best accessories and necessities to help guide the perfect summer dinner party! From quirky glassware by independent designers to the perfect Anthropologie plate sets, we’ve got you covered! Here are 3 steps for an Instagram-worthy fun and colorful summer dinner party.

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1. The Perfect Summer Tablescapes

Bringing a tablescape to life can undoubtedly feel intimidating, with an array of options and personal tastes to consider. However, we have the perfect starting point to help ease you into the design process: an intricate plate set. Through cool dessert and dinner plates, you can effortlessly elevate any dish and simplify your color planning. From there, accessories are up to you but we’ve curated three diverse tablescape styles that cater to different aesthetics. From bright to whimsical, and even modern there is definitely something for you!

So, let’s dive into these versatile tablescape designs that will empower you to create a memorable dining experience for your guests. Get ready to infuse your own unique flair with beautifully styled summer tablescapes.

Bright and Vibrant Tableware

With colorful dinner plates, funky serving spoons, and delicate gold accents, this vibrant tablescape truly comes to life. Each product’s unique shape and design contribute to an eye-catching dining experience. Starting at the top, the vibrant plates draw the eye toward the charming candlestick holder. These elements certainly add a delightful pop of color. Now, here’s a pro tip to consider: carefully select three essential bright colors and skillfully match their tones with the accessories. To achieve a balanced design, pair these accessories with neutral tones, ensuring that the overall aesthetic remains visually appealing without becoming overwhelming.

Whimsical and Chic Tablescape

Shabby chic is making a triumphant comeback! What better way to embrace this hot trend than by infusing it into your summer dinner party? In this tablescape, the star of the show is that intricate floral runner from Kathy Kuo. Here, the scape is transformed into an Alice in Wonderland-inspired tea party dream. To create a whimsical atmosphere, it’s important to maintain subdued colors and emphasize captivating shapes. This aesthetic has the potential to overwhelm, so carefully coordinating muted tones is crucial in harmonizing those distinctive and eye-catching forms. With that in mind, this board really showcases how you can effortlessly incorporate the magic of shabby chic into your summer dinner party.

Modern and Clean Table Setting

When looking at modern dinner accessories many compare that to stark and drab, but this scape is anything but boring! Here, the oyster plate sets the tone for the rest of the design. Incorporating angular designs into modern aesthetics is essential for creating an exciting summer dinner party. The green patterned napkins paired with the circular candlestick holder, create movement on the table. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with a modern tablescape. Instead, embrace the interesting elements modern accessories have to offer!

2. Elevate Your Bar Cart

Community is the main goal of a summer dinner party, but so is wowing guests. Through this transition, bar carts have transformed from a useful space into a conversation starter. When curating the perfect bar cart, focus on the textures of each element. Whether that be a dark cane coupe glass or a foggy decanter! Adding personality to a bar cart really makes the party. From books to artwork, the possibilities are endless!

3. Update the Kitchen Must-Haves

While guests may not typically venture into the kitchen during the festivities, it’s always good to be prepared. With mid-century-inspired glassware that features a modern twist, you can infuse personality into your kitchen space. By incorporating a combination of light and dark elements, you create a visually appealing contrast that adds depth to the overall design!

Once the party is over, the cleanup becomes an event in itself. Invest in functional and stylish drying racks specifically designed for your beautiful glassware! This not only helps to protect your delicate pieces but also adds an aesthetic touch to your kitchen. And here’s a pro tip: consider adding a fun and vibrant tea towel to elevate the kitchen space even further. It’s these small details that can make a significant impact and enhance the overall atmosphere of your summer dinner party!

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