Highlighting Four Fantastic Female-Owned Brands To Support

by chirpyest

We are celebrating Women’s History Month by highlighting four fantastic female-owned brands. There are so many out there ranging from beauty, fashion, home, wellness, and more! As a female-owned company, we love to share and celebrate other amazing businesses that are run by women.

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Our Place

The viral cookware company Our Place was co-founded by Shiza Shahid. As an immigrant to America, she found “her place” when she was cooking and sharing food with her newfound friends-turned-family. Our Place’s cookware makes cooking super easy while also being aesthetically pleasing with several color options to choose from.

Parachute Home

Founder and CEO Ariel Kaye launched Parachute Home in 2014. Since then she has created bedding pieces that have a clean and modern aesthetic, that are quality pieces to make you feel right at home. Recently Parachute Home has become “Climate Neutral Certified” and is introducing circular programs.

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Staud, co-founded by Sarah Staudinger, has become the newest trendy designer. Her bags are becoming staples for Gen-Z streetwear. As of late her new small shoulder bags can be seen on many major influencers all over social media.


Stephanie Lee founded the ritual-based psychodermatology brand to blend skincare and mental health, by creating products perfect for self-care. The selfmade collection is linked to both a well-being app and online resources.

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