How to Save at Target: A Guide to Cash Back

by chirpyest

Is Target your go-to for all of your essentials? Do you always leave with way more than you came for? From groceries to clothes to self-care, Target has everything you need. These things can add up, are so many ways to save at Target, so you can keep up with your hauls while staying within your budget!

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Saving with Chirpyest

Chirpyest is an online browser extension that helps you earn up to 30% cash back from all of your favorite stores, from beauty and fashion to home goods! After adding the Chirpyest extension to your browser, you’ll receive pop-ups telling you how much cash back you can earn when shopping on your favorite sites! Click here to join and download the Chirpyest browser extension now!

What is a Target RedCard?

There are a few different kinds of Target RedCards that can help you save on your purchases! They include the Target Debit Card, Target Credit Card, or Target Mastercard. There’s an option for everyone to save!

Save with the Target RedCard

With the Target RedCard, you can receive a 5% discount on all of your purchases. This can be used to save in-store and online!

Cash Back at Target

The Target RedCard applies a 5% discount to your purchase, so you can stack other rewards or cash back opportunities to your purchase! With Chirpyest, you can earn an additional 4% cash back on your purchase at Target. Using Apple Pay at Target is another way to save. When using Apple Pay, you become eligible for 3% cash back on your purchase!

What Can I Save On?

Target has so many of our favorite items! From daily essentials to trendy home goods and clothing to soothing self-care products, you can earn cash back with Chirpyest and discounts with the Target RedCard! These are a few of our trending favorites for this month:

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