How to Save on Shower Caddy Must Haves for College

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Let’s shop and save on shower caddy must haves for all of you college students. Today we are guiding those headed to the dorms to help them prepare to share a bathroom. Shop and stock up on all items you’ll need to stuff in your shower caddy. We are also here to guide you on how to save on those items because who really wants to be splurging on items for let’s be honest – not exactly one of the highlights of college life.

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Flip Flops

Whether you share a floor communal shower or have one in your dorm room, always wear flip flops in the shower! Dorms are not known for their cleanliness no matter the situation. Snag a pair with holes like these to let the water drain through and not soak up.

Shower Flip Flop
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Shampoo & Conditioner Set

You never know how the water in the dorm bathrooms with affect your hair health. You may have to get used to new water pressure and cleanliness, so make sure your haircare is best suited for you. This Briogeo set is the perfect gentle shampoo and conditioner to clean and nourish your hair.

Hair Brush

You need not just any hair brush but a WetBrush! One of the best brushes to get out knots and tangles seamlessly and painlessly.

Wet Brush
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Body Scrub

Scrub the day away with a body scrub to exfoliate and get smooth and glowing skin.

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Body Wash

Just because we know dorm bathrooms don’t smell like roses doesn’t mean you can’t! Always find a delicious smelling body wash that it also makes your skin soft and nourished. This body foam becomes as soft and velvety as whipped cream when it comes in contact with water.

Razor & Shaving Cream

I think it goes without saying that you definitely should have all grooming needs in your caddy, and you may have to get creative with the angles you shave in such a tiny bathroom.

shower caddy
Iconic Trio Shave Set
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Shower Cap

It’s best not to wash your hair everyday (although your body does). Just through on a shower cap for those days where your hair doesn’t need it, or your just too lazy.

Shower Speaker

If you like to jam out in the shower like us then don’t risk ruining your phone. Instead use this mini waterproof speaker the next time you have a shower concert.

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shower cady
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