Shop the Look: Little Miss First Day of School

by chirpyest

Have you seen the latest social trend? It has all the raves and involves users the late 20th century children‚Äôs classic series Little Miss. Users have taken their own spin on the covers and are creating unique personality traits and insecurities to be related.

Since others have partaken in this social trend, why not us? But here’s a twist, we’re creating outfits around the Little Miss characters for your first day back to school looks!

A new school year is about to begin and we want you to feeling your very best.

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Little Miss Preppy

We’re going back to school, why not look the part! Pair your outfits with white, black, navy and more to get your preppy aesthetic. Include those diamond and plaid patterns, they play a key role in these type of outfits.

little miss

Top | Skirt | Bag | Shoes

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Little Miss Too Kewl for Skewl

Dress code for a ‘Too Kewl for Skewl” look… NO DRESS CODE! Wear what you want to were with no care, mix and match doesn’t exist here!

Top | Shorts | Bag | Shoes

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Little Miss Cowgirl Princess

Strap up and ride with the wind in this blue jean dream. Cow prints and suede accessories can easily make you feel like a true cowgirl princess for your first day back to school!

Top | Jeans | Bag | Sandals

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Little Miss Comfy

Sometimes a new school year doesn’t need all the stops in your closet, but who said you couldn’t shop for comfy outfits for your first day? Take it easy now with a cute athletic outfit and dress up later!

Top | Bottoms | Hat | Shoes

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