Top 11 Destinations to Travel to on Your Next Trip

by chirpyest

With travel restrictions opening up, more people are searching for their top travel destinations for their long overdue trips. We are going to take you from one continent to the next as we show you our top 11 travel destinations for your next getaway.

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers the best of both worlds, with both relaxing resorts as well as adventurous activities. Take in the beautiful scenery at your luxurious villa, zip-line through the jungle, and immerse yourself to new and delicious food.

2. Paris

Full of light, love and designers, Paris is the perfect European getaway. Shop until you drop at Chanel, Dior, and Herm√®s. Explore the city’s historic architecture and enjoy the delicious coffee and pastries along the way.

3. Bahamas

A popular tropical destination and for good reason. The Bahamas is the ideal place to layout with a view that looks like a real life screensaver. Stay at the Atlantis Resort to both relax and part take in many activities such as swimming with the pigs and sliding down their infamous water slide.

4. Singapore

While it may be one of the smallest countries in the world, it is full of excitement and nightlife. Singapore is a great and safe place to visit to immerse yourself into multicultural environment. While you’re there experience their infamous chili crab dish and catch the amazing sunset views at the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool.

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5. Greece

Surrounded by mountains and crystal waters, enjoy all of the historic natural wonders of Greece. With picture perfect views, be sure to add this destination to your travel bucket list. Visit the historical monuments in Athens, or one of their luxurious islands like Santorini or Mykonos to relax by the water.

6. New Zealand

With both miles of beautiful beaches and mountains, New Zealand is known for being a real life screen saver. Hike or bungee jump with scenic views, fly over glaciers, and experience the magnificent Maori culture along the way.

7. Cape Town

Another very scenic city, explore the mountains and beaches of Cape Town. Hike or take a cable car to the top of Table Mountain to enjoy the spectacular views of the city. Visit the penguins at Boulder Beach, and explore the Cape Winelands at Paarl.

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8. Bora Bora

A place most likely on everyone’s bucket list, stay at your own private bungalow in the French Polynesian Islands of Bora Bora. Lay out by your private pool or take a dip into the turquoise blue waters just a few short steps away. Bora Bora is the perfect Instagram worthy vacation spot.

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9. Morocco

Morocco has a lot to over for your next trip. From exquisite cuisine, stunning architecture, and gorgeous beaches. Take a trip to the Sahara Desert, ride a camel, and add more vibrant colors to your wardrobe.

10. Italy

Travel to Italy for a trip filled with fashion and carbs. Enjoy the historic cities of Rome and Florence with its beautiful architecture. Head to Venice to experience water taxis, or the Amalfi Coast for a more relaxing on the beach type of getaway.

11. Mexico

From the beautiful beaches of Los Cabos to the charming beach town of Zihuatanejo, Mexico has plenty of stunning beaches to choose from. Stay at an all inclusive resort or stay at your own private villa. Indulge in the delicious food and drinks while you dip your toes in the sand.

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