Workout Outfit Ideas

by chirpyest

Get ready for major workout outfit ideas. They say working out is a lot easier if you have a new workout outfit to wear. Get ready to be drooling over some of these items – You may just need to refresh my workout wardrobe after this!

The Casual Workout

Workout Outfit Ideas for the casual workout
Perfect for the casual workout pair black biker shorts with a versatile black work out tank. Then pair it with a fleece zip-up like this one or a different hoodie/sweater. For an easy monochromatic look pair this with a white water bottle and training shoes perfect for any activity.

The Class Hopper

Workout Outfit Ideas for the class hopper
For the class hopper versatility is key. Pair a legging and sports bra set with a sports hoodie – to be prepped for any environment. Most importantly always keep a scrunchie in your bag + a pair of multi-purpose training shoes. We love the idea of pairing mauve pink with a stone-like patterned hoodie.

The Hiker

Workout Outfit Ideas for the hiker
The perfect workout outfit ideas for the hiker include layers and proper footwear. Comfortable and breathable leggings are a must. Add in a fun sports bra and a light 3/4 zip that easily can be tied around your waist later in the day. A killer pair of hiking boots like these are perfect for a seasoned hiker! Plus add in a lavender scrunchie in for fun in case it gets windy.

For the Pilates Addict

Workout Outfit Ideas for the pilates addict
For the pilates addict, a casual but fitted pair of leggings is necessary as well as the cropped style sports bra. Then add on a cute top. For cooler climate add on a sleek hoodie to add a layer of warmth. Then all is left is a comfy pair of shoes!

The Yoga Obsessed

Workout Outfit Ideas for the yoga obsessed
The yoga obsessed need tight fitted clothing tends to be handy. Pick up cute leggings and sports bra set and pair it with a fitted tee or long sleeve. A scrunchie is a must to keep hair out of the way. These sneakers are perfect for running around. Plus this outfit is cute enough to run errands in after class.

For the Avid Runner

Workout Outfit Ideas for the avid runner
Avid runners need to layer up with practical gear. Leggings built for running and an extra support sports bra are the best. A thin long sleeve is perfect to keep warm and it layered beautifully under this zip-up jacket. There’s nothing worse than dealing with stray hairs while running. Pick up a chic headband to keep hair issues to a minimum.


Workout Outfit Ideas for weightlifters
For weightlifters, functional pieces are important to avoid injury! Start with a thick legging meant to add a layer of support and a sports bra. This long sleeve crop top is great because it’s a tight fit and won’t get in the way. If it’s colder out layer up with a fleece pullover to keep the muscles warm. Then just pair with your favorite gym sneaks.

For the Explorer

Workout Outfit Ideas for the explorer
The explorer, a fun and exciting outfit is perfect. This colorful look is just as exciting as the journey. The snakeskin leggings and sports bra are very on-trend and look fantastic paired with a pink + raspberry fleece zip-up and sneakers. Don’t forget a water bottle for the trip!

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