Find the Perfect Outdoor Grill For a Backyard BBQ

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There’s nothing like a seared steak or charred veggies fresh from the grill on a summer day. Now that the weather is warming up, every day off feels like the perfect day to get outside and barbecue. With so many types, sizes, makes and models, purchasing a grill can be intimidating. Think of it like buying an apartment; there are hundreds out there, but it all comes down to what’s best for you and your needs. How much storage do you have, how often are you planning to barbecue, is it just for you or the whole neighborhood?

Keeping these questions in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite grills this year. From city novices to suburban grilling masters, we have recommendations for anyone looking to pick up the tongs and grill this summer.

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The first step in even thinking about purchasing a grill is considering what type you want. There’s an overwhelming amount of different ways to grill, the two most popular ways (that often sparks up much debate!) are gas versus charcoal. Reigning as the most convenient and beginner friendly of the two, gas grills have simple on-and-off functionality, and have the same user process as a stovetop.

You can’t begin to discuss top-of-the-line home grills without the name Weber. No matter the make or model, Weber grills never fail to ace the tests of grilling experts. The Genesis E-325 is an industry favorite and an overall great investment, with ample amounts of both searing and prep space. If you’re more of a tech-savvy chef, the Weber Genesis EPX-335 might be more up your alley. It has the same cooking power as its E-325 counterpart, however, it includes features such as a LED lighting system and the ability to link to your home’s wifi to monitor the grill status on your phone.

If you’re planning on being the head chef of all the family barbecues this summer, then the Monument might be the grill for you. This beauty has 700 square inches of cooking space, with not only four main burners, but a side burner as well. That means you don’t have to abandon your steak to take pesky trips back and forth to the kitchen to heat up the side dishes.


Charcoal grills are for those who want that extra emphasis on flavor. The coal itself adds that smoky taste to meat and vegetables without the labor of building an actual fire. It’s worth mentioning that charcoal grills get hotter than other models, so if the heat scares you then perhaps gas or electric would be better alternatives.

Another stellar Weber product, their kettle charcoal model is a well-loved classic. It only takes around fifteen minutes for one person to set up, coming with straightforward instructions to not confuse and overwhelm grilling newbies. In terms of performance, the Weber kettle leaves an excellent sear without leaving unnecessary grill marks.

If the kettle style isn’t your thing, consider trying a cart model. The Char-Griller certainly holds more than the Weber kettle, with a 550-square-inch cooking area. The loading fuel door at the front makes adding or removing charcoal from the grill safe and simple. Its stainless steel makeup also helps with temperature control, another intimidating factor for beginners. If you still want that charred charcoal taste but are worried about space, the small PKGO grill has both grilling and smoking functionality,


One of the biggest factors that turn people away from grilling is how big the machinery is. If you’re still looking to cook large portions at once but are missing the space you need to store a grill, the __ might be the one. It’s ideal for smaller backyards and patio spaces, but has the grill space to make around 24 burgers at once. The tables at its sides fold inwards to preserve storage space, and the lockable wheels at the legs __ tuck the grill into a closet or shed until its next use.

The Cuisinart Venture portable is the perfect grilling companion to take on tailgates, picnics, and camping trips. Don’t let the compact size fool you, this powerful gas grill cooks up a good char. Not to mention its easy set up and clean up makes for a hassle-free grill session with friends.

If you’re feeling adventurous, a hibachi grill is great for those who want to really experiment on the grill. The Hibachi is a traditional Japanese heating device, designed to hold burning charcoal. The best feature of the grill is its undeniable mobility, being small enough to be used essentially anywhere; even on tabletops.


Is your New York City apartment stopping you from your grilling dreams? Well, think again! Electric grills are ideal for those wanting to satiate their grilling fix but have limited space for a traditional outside grill.

The Hamilton Beach model is as easy as it gets: plugin, set your temperature, and you’re ready to go. The grill plates are nonstick, easing up that cleanup process. Not to mention this model is smokeless, making it optimal for everyday inside grilling. The Slim line electric griddle is cast with aluminum that makes it warp free, guaranteeing long-term use. Plus, its slick and lean design makes it perfect for storing away in cabinets after use. The Salton party grill comes with eight raclette pans underneath the cooking space, so you heat up desserts and side dishes as your main course is grilling above!

What dish are you dying to slab on the grill the most? Let us know in the comments section below!

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