Seville Inspired Outfits For the Summer

by chirpyest

Seville is a must see city in Spain. Filled with beautiful architecture, flamenco dancing and of course plenty of sangria. Seville, otherwise known as Sevilla is known for delicious tapas and elaborate street style. One thing about Seville fashion is that casual is not something that is in their vocabulary. Whether they are running errands or going out for a drink, they are always dressed to impress.

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Flamenco Inspired

Flamenco dancing is something the city is known for. This outfit is inspired by those dancers, with fun textures and colors – this outfit is perfect to go watch a show in.

Dress | Earrings | Tote | Sandals
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Street Style

As previously mentioned the city of Seville doesn’t do casual fashion. Their street style is always on point and will make you feel lazy for throwing on a pair of leggings to run some errands.

Long Sleeve Top | Crop Top | Skirt | Bag | Sandals
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Tourist Outing

If you are out exploring the tourist areas of the city doing activities this is how you would attempt a casual outfit. Take a bike ride by the river or heading to the top of The Metropol Parasol (a.k.a. the mushrooms). Here is how you would achieve both comfort and style in Seville.

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Office Wear

One thing to keep in mind is that it is HOT in the south of Spain, but that doesn’t stop them from wearing pants or sleeves. When it comes to work attire men are still in suits, women in dress pants no matter the weather.

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Night Out

Be bold and fun when it comes to night-life in Seville. Going out for tapas and drinks? Dress up for an eventful evening with an outfit that is sure to stand out.

Dress | Earrings | Bag | Heels
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Packing Necessities

When packing for a trip abroad (or anywhere) make sure you are packing smart. We believe a hard shelled suitcase is the way to go to protect all items. Take your organizing a step further and use packing cubes for optimal space!

Suitcase | Duffle | Organizer Cubes | Toiletry Bag
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Photos by @biancajimeno

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