Style Guide: 5 Date Night Outfits For When You Leave Your House Again

by chirpyest

Here at Chirpyest we curated five date night looks, Revolve edition. Date nights may look different today, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress to impress. Looking for some new and trendy ways to dress for a date? We go you covered, from cute and casual, to romantic and sultry, we have put together outfits for dinner with a view or picnic in the park.

Candlelight Dinner

Wether you have a dinner view of a skyline or even your backyard patio, a romantic candlelight dinner calls for all the stops. A neutral toned sultry dress, and some strappy heels are sure to make you feel confident and romantic for your date.

Drinks and Dancing

Feel red hot in this perfect date night outfit for some drinks and dancing. Salsa and sway in this silk dress that is sure to make you feel flirty and carefree on your night out.

Picnic in the Park

Cute and casual is the perfect way to dress for a picnic in the park, this all white outfit is fresh and fun for a beautiful day filled with mimosas and finger sandwiches.

Activities and Games

Out for date like bowling or mini golf? No worries, wear something comfortable but fashionable like this bodysuit and jeans, matched with a cute but practical sneaker.

Netflix and Chill

Not all dates are going to involve leaving the house in today’s world, so make a netflix and chill night cozy but also cute. Just because your date is in the house doesn’t mean you can’t look good while doing nothing. Try out this cute pajama set that is anything but a lazy look.

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