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Did you know? Dark wood furniture is making a fantastic comeback, from intricate burl wood to coastal accents against the wood grains. It’s a classic style that embraces the beauty of nature while infusing a contemporary twist, capturing the essence of laid-back elegance! The resurgence of dark wood in summer design is like a breath of fresh air, infusing spaces with warmth, depth, and undeniable charisma. Think deep mahogany, walnut, or ebony hues that create a sense of sophistication, while effortlessly complementing the vibrant mid-century energy of the season. So, we compiled the best products to bring charming dark wood into your home this summer!

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Dark Wood Consoles & Dressers

Burl wood is making the resurgence of the century. With its abstract design and unique grain, these pieces are like a 70s time capsule. Brands have caught on to the attraction by creating eye-catching and upscale dark burl wood consoles and dressers! These meticulously designed pieces bring a touch of elegance and glamour, elevating the ambiance of your space to new heights. Whether you’re seeking a standout statement piece or a complementary accent to your existing decor, these consoles and dressers provide a fun style upgrade. From sleek and streamlined designs to intricate detailing, there is a wide range of options available to suit every taste and preference!

Mora Burl Wood Buffet – A sleek buffet is a great addition to any home, and the original wood grain makes the Mora buffet cool and unusual!

Brynn Wide Dresser – This dresser from Z Gallerie is an eye-catcher! Each element is memorizing and perfect for a cool girl’s home.

Olsen Sideboard – With its simple grain, for burl wood, this sideboard is exciting and classic! This would be a perfect statement piece in a smaller home or apartment.

Dark Wood Coffee Tables

Often overlooked, the coffee table holds the power to truly complete a living space. Dark wood coffee tables, in particular, effortlessly introduce this captivating trend into your home, whether your style leans towards modern or classic. They offer great depth to a space and serve as an exciting focal point. With their rich tones and intricate grain, each one is unique and functional! A dark wood coffee table becomes the centerpiece of your living room, commanding attention with its rich tones and exquisite grain. It is more than just a surface for beverages or magazines; it is an opportunity to infuse your space with the timeless elegance that dark wood brings!

Dark Burl Wood Waterfall Coffee Table – Waterfall coffee tables are a must-have lately and this burl one is breathtaking! Such a perfect way to bring mid-century into your home!

Corinne Black Pine Coffee Table – Who doesn’t love a fun-shaped coffee table? This one from Kathy Kuo is such a great modern piece!

Sullivan Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table – Reclaimed wood is all the rage, and this Anthropologie piece is no exception! The light and dark tones allow this piece to be specially made for each buyer!

Dark Wood Side Tables

Side tables have the remarkable ability to infuse a space with personality. They serve as bold statement pieces or as elegant accents that tie the room together. When incorporating the dark wood trend, starting small with a side table is perfect! These pieces can really bring in the coastal cowgirl or silent luxury vibes that everyone is searching for. It’s like capturing the essence of summer’s allure and infusing it into your home. Whether they’re placed beside a cozy sofa, an inviting armchair, or even by your bedside, these dark wood side tables add a touch of excitement to your home, transforming it into a lively haven that radiates summer sophistication! It’s an easy accessory to add dark wood furniture to your home.

Amber Lewis for Anthropologie Garvey Side Table – Talk about elevated mid-century! This side table is breathtaking and those nobs are an amazing accent.

Ivy Side Table – Linen detailing is the perfect way to bring Nantucket home. When paired with dark wood, it’s an innovative yet classic piece all in one!

Brass Starburst Round Side Table – This side table is the epitome of an elevated basic! The marble top is not only fun but stylish as well!

Dark Wood Accessories

If this trend is too intimidating start small with accessories! From decorative accents to functional pieces. These accessories allow you to embrace the trend at your own pace. The pieces are perfect because they capture attention, becoming accents that effortlessly enhance the aesthetic of your space. The beauty of dark wood accessories lies in their ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Whether it’s a dark wood mirror adorning your wall or a sleek bowl, these accessories will infuse your home’s visual interest!

Ella Mirror – Dark wood screams coastal vibes, especially when paired with cane webbing! The cane brings a great texture into the mirror and brightens the overall look!

Thabi Natural Wooden Bowl – This natural wood bowl is the perfect accent for any space! It’s both functional and stylish making it the overall perfect piece!

Lignum Medium Table Lamp – This lamp from Visual Comfort is practically perfect. This would be an amazing accent to any room and bring in those dark wood vibes!

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