The Essentials: 23 Kitchen Accessories For a Dinner Party

by chirpyest

Welcome to another essentials blog – todays topic, dinner party. We are going over 23 kitchen accessories that are essential when hosting guests over for dinner. If you don’t already add these items to your kitchen to make you the ultimate host.

1. Apron

Cover up what we know is a cute party outfit with this even cuter apron to avoid any stains while cooking.

2. Dutch oven

A versatile pot that is perfect for larger meals like soup, stew and more.

3. Oven Mitts

Who says you can’t make cooking stylish? Protect those hands with these adorable oven mitts.

4. Skillet

Perfect to cook just about any meal. Sauté, grill and even put in the oven to create your delicious dinner.

5. Speaker

A part of the overall ambiance, have a speaker going with your favorite music to cook to – then change up the tempo for when your guests arrive.

6. Decorative Candles

Another must have to set the mood – decorative candles are the perfect way to decorate a dinner table.

7. Trendy Pitcher

Serve your water (or other choice of beverage) in a cool and trendy pitcher.

8. Neutral Glassware

Clear but fun shaped glassware is the way to go at a dinner party. Perfect to match with any dinner set but still different enough to impress your guests.

9. Timeless Flatware

Be sure to have quality flatware to serve that matches with any and all dinnerware.

10. Placemats

Some guests are messy so take precaution with placemats for those not so neat eaters.

11. Salt & Pepper

Everyone has a preference when it comes to seasoning and spices, so make sure there are some extra on the table to pass around.

12. Matching Dinner Set

Always make sure to break out a quality matching dinner set when serving.

13. Napkin Holders

Always think of presentation when hosting a dinner party. Napkin holders are perfect to help add to that at the dinner table.

14. Napkins

No explanation needed, always serve guest with napkins whether they think they need them or not.

15. Colorful Wine Glasses

Perfect way to liven up the party and also to help differentiate the guests drinks.

16. Wine Cooler

The perfect way to keep your white or pink bottle chilled and easily accessible to guests.

17. Coasters

Make nagging guests about using coasters fun and easy with these cute alphabet coasters to personalize each guest’s drink.

18. Serving Board

You always need a large and pretty serving board to serve your guest with appetizers before the main course.

19. Reusable Straws

For those who love straws, serve these gold reusable ones that are elegant and environmentally friendly.

20. Scented Candle

Aside from decorative candles you also need scented ones to not only help set the mood visually but through the aroma as well.

21. Fancy Hand Soap

Break out the fancy soap for special occasions like a dinner party where things can get messy.

22. Cake Stand

Whether you are serving cake, cookies or pastries be sure to have something to display whatever sweets you have after dinner.

23. Espresso Machine

What’s a better way to end to a dinner party than with coffee to serve along with dessert?

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