The Essentials: 12 Shades of Paint You Need

by chirpyest

Decorating or remodeling a room can be tricky to create the perfect space – especially picking out the paint color, as it sets the tone for the room. The shade you chose is the base for the room and creates the base of the ambiance.

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Neutral shades are an absolute essential when it comes to paint shades. From soft whites to a cool toned grey – neutrals are a perfect base if you are someone who prefers simple and clean over a bold statement.

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Earth Tones

We predict that earth toned shades are going to be a trend this spring. Muted green and blue tones are definitely going to be up and coming shades when it comes to painting kitchens.

Pops of Color

Because there is always that one room or person who needs a bright and bold color for their space to feel comfortable. Go for a golden yellow to brighten up a small space, or create a fun and feminine space with a bright pink.

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