17 Accessories For a European Styled Kitchen

by chirpyest

While white kitchens might always be in – adding a European style will create a timeless feel. Many people have all white kitchens and are wanting a change. Designers have deemed the bright white kitchen trend officially over. If you are looking to add to your current white kitchen without breaking the bank, we suggest this European twist.

The twist of having old and new elements will make it stand out. Adding this into a white marble kitchen will separate it from any other overdone white space. Add some soft neutral tones and antique elements onto your white base.

Below features images from Hanne Gathe’s designs that we think is the perfect depiction of a white kitchen with a European twist.

With a full view from the living room, the minimalistic kitchen pairs well the unique elements in the living area.

Plate | Bowl | Rediscovered Flatware

Divided Lazy Susan | Wine Rack | Lazy Susan 

Utensil Caddy | Small Serving Board | Condiment Pot

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Featured Image by @dactylion_design

Photography by @filippatredal

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