Luxury vs. Dupe Battle: Home Decor Edition

by chirpyest

Another luxury versus dupe battle – home edition. When it comes to landing your dream home or living on your own for the first time, do you rationalize the expensive items to furnish and decorate? Where in your home is it okay to splurge? And what items are an absolute no once you hit a certain price? Is overpriced bedding justified or can you find and equally comfortable option for half the price? That is what we want to know from you and what we hope you find out in today’s luxury versus dupe battle.

From decor to furniture and everything in between. We are showing you some luxurious pieces for you home and the dupes you may like better once you see the price tag.

Abstract Art

Luxury – Arhaus

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Dupe – Target

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Bar Carts






Let us know what items you would splurge on and what can be easily duped in your home in the comments below!

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