Are you thinking about throwing a party in your backyard over the summer? Maybe even for the 4th of July? Backyard parties are super easy to set up and can make for a great time and create new wonderful memories. A backyard party is a great way to throw any type of event during the summer. We only get this opportunity every so often. Especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow. Shop these essential backyard party items to ensure that everyone at your event has a blast!

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The one absolute necessity for any backyard party is barbeque! And a good barbeque requires a good grill to cook it on. There are so many different types of grills for every person and their preferences. If you’re hosting a larger crowd of people, you might want to opt-in for a larger grill and get more food cooked simultaneously. If you’re hosting a smaller gathering, you might not need an enormous grill. But you can still get one. A good bbq on a hot sunny day is a great way to ensure that your guests are happy, and it’s basically a 4th of July essential at this point.


Sun Umbrella

A sun umbrella is a great way to escape the sun. Backyards may not always get a lot of shade so this is essential for helping cool down. It can also be a great way to prevent being sunburned. A good backyard party should have some space for guests to cool down. We wouldn’t want to overheat.

Misting Fan

A misting fan can often be overlooked when throwing a backyard party but actually, it can be quite useful. On a really hot day, a misting fan can do wonders. Your guests will be so glad that they have an efficient way of cooling down.

Lawn Chair

A lawn chair is really useful for a backyard party when everyone’s sitting around a fire pit or you just need somewhere to sit down comfortably. It’s also great for creating extra seating if the main table ever got too crowded.

Frozen Drink Machine

This may seem extra but it will for sure be one of the most memorable parts of the party. You can make kid-friendly slushies or even frozen margaritas! If it’s for a 4th of July party, you could even make the frozen drinks red, white, and blue flavors. It’s not every day that a backyard party has its own frozen drink machine, your guests will have a blast with it.


A 4th of July party is not complete without some sparklers. If you live in an area that isn’t super firework friendly, these are a great alternative that won’t cause a big ruckus. It can also be great for any other backyard party occasion. Sparklers also make for great pictures.

Bug Repellent

Summer is when the bugs, specifically mosquitos, come out to play. Having bug repellents set up by the corners of your backyard can help ward away those pesky mosquitoes and ensure that you’re not leaving the party itching. Enjoy spending time with your friends and family and eating bbq without fear of bugs.

Drink Cooler

A drink cooler is essential to throwing a great backyard party. Pair the delicious bbq with a cold beverage and it becomes an amazing meal. A cold drink is the perfect way to have fun at an outdoor event. No backyard party is complete without one.

Picnic Table

A picnic table is great if you have a super spacious backyard. It can seat up to 10 people and it is really convenient for eating. No more trying to find a random place to sit down to eat. You now have a place to sit comfortably while chatting with all your friends and families. The picnic table can also be a great place to put big containers of food that other guests may have brought in. It’s very multi-purposeful.


A party is no fun without some additional accessories to help spice it up. Whether that be decorations or some optional (but fun) activities, these are some things that can help put your backyard party together and make it more enjoyable.

Corn Hole

An outdoor game like corn hole is great to have at a backyard party. It can help keep your guests entertained and get people to bond with one another. Outdoor yard games are great to play with friends and family and it’s super easy to learn.


Balloons make for great decorations. If you’re planning on having a 4th of July backyard party, don’t stray away from getting some red, white, and blue balloons to really be on theme. It is a super convenient way to add some spice to the party and make it look more lively and fun.

String Lights

If your backyard party is taking place during the evening or nighttime, string lights are a great addition to the event. It helps give the area a subtle brightening without blinding anyone’s eyes. There are also so many different ways to put up string lights in the backyard to give the place an ethereal effect.

Outdoor Seat Cushions

Outdoor seating can sometimes be a little uncomfortable. The hard surfaces aren’t exactly the most bottom-friendly. Seat cushions are an easy fix to that problem. It provides just enough cushion and support for you to sit comfortably outside. It’s also good for sitting on the grass. If you don’t have a blanket or towel to put down and you don’t want to sit directly on the grass, you can get a seat cushion. They are multi-purposeful and super easy to clean afterward.

Want to see some backyard design inspiration? Check out these backyard decors here!

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Celebrate the 4th of July with online shopping sales! Independence Day is known for beach days and backyard barbeques, but it is also a time to shop and save. If you are looking to update your patio or backyard, now is the time to take advantage of all the home sales. Now is the time to shop at more luxury brands to get great deals. Brands like Lulu & Georgia, Michael Kors, Vince, Anthropologie, and more are offering amazing discounts! Check out some of the best deals below to celebrate the 4th of July below.

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Everlane has great basic neutral staples, today you can shop and get up to 60% off new summer markdowns like tanks, shorts, and dresses.

Shop the Everlane Sale


Shop and save at the chic and luxurious Vince brand with savings of up to 75% off women’s styles.

Shop the Vince Sale

Michael Kors

What better time to shop for designers than when there’s a summer sale? Enjoy up to 60% off on bags, shoes, and accessories!

Shop the Michael Kors Sale


Athleta is having its biggest savings event with leggings, skorts, and more up to 60% off!

Shop the Athleta Sale

Fourth of July Outfit


Jamie Young Co.

Update your summer home decor at Jamie Young Co. where the entire site is 10% off this 4th of July.

Shop the Jamie Young Co. Sale

Pottery Barn

Save up to 50% at Pottery Barn’s clearance department, which includes sales on beds, sofas, rugs, and tons of home decor!

Shop the Pottery Barn Sale


Shop and save on all things outdoors at Target. Offerings up to 50% off select outdoor furniture, up to 25% off beach towels, BOGO 50% off pool floats, it is a perfect time to upgrade your backyard.

Shop the Target Home Sale

The Container Store

It’s never too late to get organized! This summer save on storage solutions for your bedroom, office, bathroom, and more at the Container Store.

Shop The Container Store Sale


Snag an extra 40% off Anthropologie sale products this 4th of July on items like coffee tables, lighting, and cabinets.

Shop at Anthropologie

Visual Comfort & Co.

Light up your 4th of July with these lighting fixture sales from Visual Comfort. Now until July 5th, they are offering  20-50% off sitewide + free shipping!

Shop at Visual Comfort

Parachute Home

Elevate your bedroom with luxe bedding without breaking the bank! Shop for budget-friendly bedding and bath items like their best-selling linen duvets.

Shop Bedding at Parachute Home


Head over to Terrain to shop on all things for an enchanting backyard garden or patio. Use the code SUMMERISHERE to save an additional 30% off already reduced products like outdoor lights, furniture, and more!

Shop at Terrain

Lulu & Georgia

Looking for luxury but don’t without the huge price tag? Lulu & Georgia is offering 20% off sitewide, so snag those luxury finds while the sale lasts!

Shop at Lulu & Georgia

4th of July Backyard Party

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Summer is in full swing, and you know what that means – dorm shopping! As college students gear up for the upcoming academic year, finding trending dorm essentials becomes a top priority! Making your new home feel perfect and functional is certainly daunting. But we’ve got you covered with the trendiest and most sought-after products that will make your dorm room the envy of campus! From stylish bedding sets that will transform your sleep space, to clever storage solutions that maximize every inch of your limited room! Here at Chirpyest, we’ll guide you through the trending dorm essentials.

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Chic Organizers

Moving your entire wardrobe into a shoebox is an almost impossible task, especially considering the lack of closet space in a dorm room. But by incorporating ample organizational accessories, you can transform your cramped space into a stylish room. No more cramming your belongings into plastic bins and hanging your shoes on flimsy hangers. Instead, utilize trending organizers that maximize storage and elevate the aesthetic of your space. From chic rattan storage bins to clothing racks, there are tons of options available that seamlessly blend functionality and style. With these stylish and practical accessories, your dorm room will become a haven of organization and tidiness, making your college experience a breeze.

Fashionable Bedding

Dorm rooms have undergone a huge transformation, evolving from simple matching duvet sets to stylish and contemporary spaces. When it comes to designing the perfect twin bed, it’s all about infusing your own personality while incorporating trendy elements. Embrace the opportunity to customize your bed with unique touches, such as quirky needlepoint pillows or a fashionable headboard. This is your chance to create a space that truly reflects your style. And here’s a pro tip: opt for a full-size duvet instead of a twin XL. It not only offers a seamless transition for your future upperclassman apartment but also provides extra coziness and comfort!

Bathroom Essentials

Gone are the days of the communal shower and welcome a new era of personalized and private dorm bathrooms. While shower caddies and velcro towels remain essential items, the focus has shifted towards enhancing the bathroom with stylish accessories. When curating your bathroom, consider incorporating the color scheme of your dorm room to create a cohesive space. This attention to detail will elevate the overall aesthetic and make your bathroom a standout feature of your dorm. There are endless opportunities to infuse your personal style into this intimate space. So, get ready to transform your dorm bathroom into a chic oasis that reflects the trends and makes a statement!

Trendy Decor

Dorm rooms have evolved into mini apartments, and the decor should match that vibe! Incorporating trendy patterned rugs and classical art pieces can make a bold statement that seamlessly blends elegance and quirkiness. Another trending dorm essential is a photo hanger. It serves as a nostalgic reminder of high school and offers a perfect opportunity to add new memories. Lastly, don’t forget to include a cute chair in your dorm room setup. It’s a must-have for both comfort and style. With these trending dorm essentials, your dorm decor will become a personal atmosphere that perfectly balances sophistication and funkiness!

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With summer in full swing, there’s no better time to indulge in the trendiest of social gatherings: the summer dinner party. While the menu is certainly the most crucial element to consider, it’s the finer details that elevate the gatherings from ordinary to spectacular. Moreover, captivating tablescapes, a well-designed bar cart, and kitchen essential must-haves have transformed into the reigning elements of a memorable summer dinner party. So, we gathered the best accessories and necessities to help guide the perfect summer dinner party! From quirky glassware by independent designers to the perfect Anthropologie plate sets, we’ve got you covered! Here are 3 steps for an Instagram-worthy fun and colorful summer dinner party.

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1. The Perfect Summer Tablescapes

Bringing a tablescape to life can undoubtedly feel intimidating, with an array of options and personal tastes to consider. However, we have the perfect starting point to help ease you into the design process: an intricate plate set. Through cool dessert and dinner plates, you can effortlessly elevate any dish and simplify your color planning. From there, accessories are up to you but we’ve curated three diverse tablescape styles that cater to different aesthetics. From bright to whimsical, and even modern there is definitely something for you!

So, let’s dive into these versatile tablescape designs that will empower you to create a memorable dining experience for your guests. Get ready to infuse your own unique flair with beautifully styled summer tablescapes.

Bright and Vibrant Tableware

With colorful dinner plates, funky serving spoons, and delicate gold accents, this vibrant tablescape truly comes to life. Each product’s unique shape and design contribute to an eye-catching dining experience. Starting at the top, the vibrant plates draw the eye toward the charming candlestick holder. These elements certainly add a delightful pop of color. Now, here’s a pro tip to consider: carefully select three essential bright colors and skillfully match their tones with the accessories. To achieve a balanced design, pair these accessories with neutral tones, ensuring that the overall aesthetic remains visually appealing without becoming overwhelming.

Whimsical and Chic Tablescape

Shabby chic is making a triumphant comeback! What better way to embrace this hot trend than by infusing it into your summer dinner party? In this tablescape, the star of the show is that intricate floral runner from Kathy Kuo. Here, the scape is transformed into an Alice in Wonderland-inspired tea party dream. To create a whimsical atmosphere, it’s important to maintain subdued colors and emphasize captivating shapes. This aesthetic has the potential to overwhelm, so carefully coordinating muted tones is crucial in harmonizing those distinctive and eye-catching forms. With that in mind, this board really showcases how you can effortlessly incorporate the magic of shabby chic into your summer dinner party.

Modern and Clean Table Setting

When looking at modern dinner accessories many compare that to stark and drab, but this scape is anything but boring! Here, the oyster plate sets the tone for the rest of the design. Incorporating angular designs into modern aesthetics is essential for creating an exciting summer dinner party. The green patterned napkins paired with the circular candlestick holder, create movement on the table. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with a modern tablescape. Instead, embrace the interesting elements modern accessories have to offer!

2. Elevate Your Bar Cart

Community is the main goal of a summer dinner party, but so is wowing guests. Through this transition, bar carts have transformed from a useful space into a conversation starter. When curating the perfect bar cart, focus on the textures of each element. Whether that be a dark cane coupe glass or a foggy decanter! Adding personality to a bar cart really makes the party. From books to artwork, the possibilities are endless!

3. Update the Kitchen Must-Haves

While guests may not typically venture into the kitchen during the festivities, it’s always good to be prepared. With mid-century-inspired glassware that features a modern twist, you can infuse personality into your kitchen space. By incorporating a combination of light and dark elements, you create a visually appealing contrast that adds depth to the overall design!

Once the party is over, the cleanup becomes an event in itself. Invest in functional and stylish drying racks specifically designed for your beautiful glassware! This not only helps to protect your delicate pieces but also adds an aesthetic touch to your kitchen. And here’s a pro tip: consider adding a fun and vibrant tea towel to elevate the kitchen space even further. It’s these small details that can make a significant impact and enhance the overall atmosphere of your summer dinner party!

Hosting a 4th of July dinner party? Shop 4th of July looks here!

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We all know that America gained independence from the British. However, it was June 19th, 1885 when the last enslaved African Americans were given their freedom. Hence, we celebrate Juneteenth as the nation’s second Independence Day. It’s undeniable the influence, power, and achievements that black people have accomplished in this country despite all they’ve overcome. This Juneteenth, we’ve decided to round up some of our favorite black-owned brands. Ranging from beauty, fashion, and home, we hope you find new brands that you’ll shop not only on Juneteenth but year round! 

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Black-Owned Skincare Brands

No one understands black skin like black women themselves!


Desiree Verdejo’s Hyperskin is dedicated to making black women glow! With vitamin C cleansers brightening serum, Hyperskin’s products tackle hyperpigmentation and dullness.


Model Tatiana Price’s SkinButtr scrub works to fade stretch marks and scarring all while coming in various yummy scents! Black-owned products oftentimes opt for natural products rather than harsh chemicals.

Plant Apothecary

Another example of a clean beauty brand is Plant Apothecary. The Start Happy body wash and 54 Thrones body butter only use plant-based ingredients.

54 Thrones

Inspired by Nigerian tubs of shea butter sent from her aunt, the founder of 54 Thrones created this sustainable brand to bring skincare products full of rich and natural African ingredients.

Black-Owned Makeup Brands

Over the past few years, as beauty expectations changed we’ve seen a well-deserved boom in black-owned beauty brands. 

Fenty Beauty

Of course, we can’t talk about revolutionary black beauty without discussing Rihanna’s Fenty, which covers every skin type and complexion.

Iman Cosmetics

IMAN’s brand philosophy, which was introduced in 1994, asserts that women with skin of color represent a variety of races, civilizations, and ethnicities. African American, Asian, Latina, and multi-cultural women with a wide range of skin tones are the target market for IMAN Cosmetics, Skincare, and Fragrances.

AJ Crimson

AJ Crimson is a businessman, self-taught celebrity makeup artist, and authority on beauty and lifestyle. He’s worked with celebrities including Fergie, Hilary Duff, Adrienne Bailon, Christina Milian, Brandy, Regina King, Amerie, Keyshia Cole, Missy Elliott, and Angela Bassett. No matter your skin tone or ethnicity, AJ Crimson Beauty will celebrate and enhance your natural beauty.

Pat McGrath Labs

For the more experimental makeup lovers, look no further than Pat McGrath Labs’ eyeshadow palettes. The legendary makeup artist designed super pigmented and vibrant eyeshadows that will look amazing on anyone, no matter the skin tone.

Black-Owned Haircare Brands

It took far too long for there the beauty industry to be inclusive of POC, especially when it came to natural hair. So let’s take full advantage and look through some of our black-owned hair care favorites!

Adwoa Beauty

Another brand we are loving is Adwoa, their natural ingredients in products like melonberry hair milk make hair super shiny and healthy.

Alikay Naturals

Alikay Naturals hair growth oil was created by Youtuber Rochelle Alikay Graham-Campbell when she was only 22 years old. Talk about innovation!


Made with all hair types and textures in mind, Briogeo has quickly become a staple brand in the haircare world, with products like their charcoal and tea tree oil scalp treatment.

Camille Rose

Naturals Camille Rose is perfect for any curly girl that wants to replenish, moisturize, and repair their hair.

Black-Owned Fashion Brands

Black-owned brands and designers have started several of the fashion industry’s biggest trends. Check out some of the most chic and luxurious designers below!

Andrea Iyamah

Resort-wear brand Andrea Iyamah makes eye-catching swimsuits, dresses, and more that are perfect for your next vacation. 

Kimberly Goldson & Marrisa Wilson

Designers Kimberly Goldson and Marissa Wilson dedicate their brands to making gorgeous statement dresses that’ll make anyone feel beautiful.

Par Bronté Laurent

Brand Par Bronté Laurent is great for luxurious elevated basics. Perfect for those days you want to look effortlessly chic!


Responsibly made in Africa, this resort wear brand is full of vibrant and colorful patterns that are inspired by Ethiopian culture.


Ethiopian native Amsale Aberra created her modern bridal collection featuring aesthetically modern silhouettes. The black-owned business is now considered one of the world’s leading luxury bridal houses.

Black-Owned Shoe Brands

Of course, supporting black-owned brands should be a head-to-toe experience! From fancy heels to comfy slides, check out some of our favorite shoes finds from black-owned brands.

By Dose & AM:PM

For a good formal look, By Dose and AM:PM have comfortable and chic wedges that can complement any outfit. Fun fact, Edna Konadu founded AM:PM during the pandemic!

Confetti Boutique

Seen on celebrities like Beyoncé, French Montana, and more, Confetti Boutique specializes in fun and funky products like their soft and cozy fur slides.

Loza Malembho

Meanwhile, Afro-Brazillian designer Loza Maleombho’s shoes are the bridge between traditional African and contemporary black aesthetics.

Black-Owned Jewelry Brands

Nothing says decadence like black-owned luxury jewelry. Funky gold pieces are always a staple and perfect for the summer season!

House of Harlow

House of Harlow 1960 has gorgeous and unique pieces like their honeycomb earrings.

We Dream in Color & Made by Ciriaco

We Dream in Color and Made by Ciriaco’s pieces are also guaranteed to make a statement.


For a more subdued but chic look, Edas have several jewelry pieces that can add that missing touch to your favorite outfits.

Black-Owned Handbags

We’re always in the market for a cute new handbag, and unsurprisingly these are all making the wishlist.


The viral Telfar shopping bag can be dressed up for a formal night out or dressed down to take grocery shopping. Not to mention founder Telfar Clemens’ core values in affordability and inclusivity.


AAK’s color-block Oroo Oak bag is a stunning statement bag for a summer day.

Petit Kouraj & Love Cortnie

Meanwhile, Petit Kouraj and Love, Cortnie’s bags showcase the ultramodern textile work of black artists.

Black-Owned Home Brands

Finally let’s discuss interiors, the options when shopping with black-owned home decor brands are practically endless. They could essentially furnish your entire home!

Janelia Candle Co.

Debuting just this May, Janelia Candle Co. founded by Erica Pittman has a scent for everyone. Plus the candles have an astounding 35-hour burn time!

Estelle Colored Glass

Estelle Colored Glasses are the perfect way to brighten up your table and dish sets.

Hadyia Willams x Lulu & Georgia

Inspired by the African diaspora culture, Hadyia Willams created an exclusive collection with Lulu & Georgia, full of pillows, wall art, and tabletop textiles made out of natural materials such as clay.


And for those who are looking for simple ways to support black-owned brands, Linoto has the most dreamingly soft linen sheets. 

Remember that it’s important to support black-owned businesses not only around Juneteenth. Comment below some of your favorite black-owned brands!

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Planning on going on vacation this summer? Maybe you want a little weekend getaway. No matter what your plan is for traveling this summer, packing is an important aspect. Leave your big and chunky suitcase behind! Don’t let that break your arms when you can bring a light little weekend bag and move things with ease. Without a good and handy travel bag, your trip can become very chaotic. Traveling in style definitely helps with the dreaded packing. And, you can even feature them on your social media! Tired of your boring old duffle bags? Here are some travel bags that will get you excited about packing for the summer:

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1. Pink Sparkly Tote Bag


If you like the color pink, this weekend tote bag will suit you perfectly. The nylon interior and exterior with gold accents complement each other perfectly and will definitely get you some compliments. This tote is big enough to store your makeup, skincare, and other beauty/self-care products. You may even have extra room for a pair of shoes or some clothes.

Shop the Stoney Clover Pink Tote Bag here!

2. Black Sparkly Duffle Bag


This is another Stoney Clover travel bag that uses gold accents to accentuate and elevate its base colors. You can never go wrong with black and gold. The adjustable straps and handles make it super easy to carry around in any way. You’ll have more than enough room in here to pack for a weekend getaway.

Shop the Stoney Clover Black Duffle Bag here!

3. Black Travel Tote Bag


Looking for something more basic and casual? This Tumi tote bag is perfect if you’re bringing along a carry-on on a plane. Or maybe you just need a place to store your shoes or beauty products that is separate from your clothes. The pockets on the side are perfect for storing any electronics or accessories such as phone chargers, air pods, extra hair ties, and maybe even a water bottle.

Shop the black Tumi tote bag here!

4. Mauve Travel Cross-Body Duffle Bag


If the previous Dagne travel bag is too small for your liking, here is Dagne’s larger duffle bag! It includes a laptop sleeve and is highly durable, so don’t worry about any electronics being broken. This weekend travel bag is a perfect pack-and-go. You will have plenty of room to pack for a weekend. And, this light pink/mauve color is great for summertime if you’re not too keen on the brighter colors but also don’t want something too plain.

Shop Dagne’s travel duffle bag here!

5. Purple Overnight Travel Duffle Bag


Looking for something a little more vibrant and summery? This Mali + Lili leather overnight duffle bag in the color eggplant with flower-patterned straps will make you feel like summer every day! And don’t worry, the leather is vegan. This is another spacious travel bag that will make packing for a short trip easier.

Check out the Mali + Lili duffle bag here!

6. Floral and Beige Tote Travel Caddy


If you haven’t already heard of this brand from TikTok, Béis has gone viral for their travel bags, and for good reason. This tote bag caddy is in collaboration with Elsa Hosk and is especially handy for those who are new parents. However, that’s not the only use this travel bag has. The pockets on the inside and outside of the bag make it super functional and organized for any traveler. This is the perfect summer travel bag for keeping all your small essentials and necessities in one place.

Check out the Béis tote caddy bag here!

7. Nude Pink Weekend Leather Travel Bag


If the previous Mali + Lili bag wasn’t quite up your alley, maybe this will do. The light pink and gold duo is exactly what you need for traveling during the summer. This travel tote bag includes a shoe and/or toiletries compartment at the bottom. It is super spacious on the inside so don’t worry about not having enough space. Also, this bag is also made from vegan leather, so it’s great for everyone!

Check out this Mali + Lili weekend bag here!

8. Mini Luggage Cross-Body Travel Bag


Don’t want to bring your big hefty suitcase with you? How about this mini shoulder bag? It also doubles as a cross-body bag if you’re too tired of carrying it by its handles. The brown and nude color palette makes this travel bag a great summer accessory. The cross-body strap is also detachable so you can style this bag in so many ways and make your summer trips your personal fashion show!

Check out this mini cross-body travel bag here!

9. Green Travel Duffle Bag


This green duffle bag with golden accented is great for summertime when the trees and flowers are in full bloom. If you’re not a fan of pastels and would like something richer in color, look no further. This forest green travel bag is super handy, spacious, and extremely stylish. If you’re taking a trip somewhere with lots of scenery, this green will totally match the vibes. And, you may even get some good pictures out of it too!

Check out the Stoney Clover duffle bag here!

10. Light Blue Mini Tote Bag


This light blue mini tote travel bag is perfect for going on short trips during the summer. It also includes a laptop sleeve and is spacious enough to pack all your essentials. This Stoney Clover mini tote is great for traveling lightly. You no longer need to lug around a big and heavy suitcase around for a little weekend trip.

Shop the Stoney Clover Classic Mini Tote Bag Here!

11. Large Mauve Travel Backpack


Looking for a cute and efficient travel bag? This Dagne backpack is great for flying. It features a luggage-handle sleeve so you can move through the airport swiftly. The greatest thing about this travel backpack is that it is water-resistant! This makes for a great carry-on bag when everything is hectic and spills are prone to happen.

Shop the Dagne Travel Backpack here!

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With the summer season in full swing, it’s time to plan your perfect summer weekend getaway. Whether you’re seeking picturesque coastal charm, vibrant city life, or serene wine country retreats, we’ve got you covered. We’ve handpicked five fantastic destinations to add some fun to your summer adventures. Here, we’ll include insider tips about where to stay, where to eat, and what to wear. No matter what type of vacationer you are, these weekend summer getaway destinations are perfect for a range of travelers.

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1. Charleston, South Carolina

Summer Getaway Destination Charleston, SC
Photography by Travellers Worldwide

Home to beautiful beaches and a historic downtown, Charleston is quickly becoming a central destination for weekend getaways. Of course, this city effortlessly combines old-world charm with modern amenities! However, its diverse food scene and adorable boutique hotels, creates a unique experience for each visitor.

Where to Stay?

Charleston is filled with an array of hotels and accommodations to cater to your needs. From cozy bed and breakfasts to upscale hotels with endless amenities this city truly has it all. So, we put together two options that cater to the cozy type and the modern type alike.

86 Cannon

Summer Getaway Destination Hotel 86 Cannon
Photography by

Nestled in the heart of Charleston’s historic district is a hidden gem. 86 Cannon is a restored 19th-century carriage house. Each room has its own personality and decor with thoughtful touches that appeal to each guest. But its prime location is certainly the most appealing element. Located right next door to renowned landmarks, trendy restaurants, and vibrant shops, 86 Cannon is a must stay.

Hotel Bella Grace

Summer Getaway Destination Hotel Bella Grace
Photography by TripAdvisor

Hotel Bella Grace is the definition of luxury. Each room is sleek and modern with unique artful touches in every room. Its rooftop terrace showcases panoramic views of the Charleston skyline. Although it has a wonderful exterior, the stylish interior is what makes Hotel Bella Grace truly unforgettable.

Where to Eat?

Charleston is packed with award-winning restaurants and quaint hole-in-the-wall joints that redefine or perfect classic Southern cuisine. Its innovate iterations of shrimp and grits alongside the classic seafood, this city’s food scene an altogether foodie haven.


Summer Getaway Destination Fig Restaurant
Photography by FIG

Created by Mike Lata and Adam Nemirow in 2003, FIG offers an elegant and approachable dining experience. The restaurant is a Charleston adored spot that focuses on locally sourced ingredients and seasonal flavors. The menu showcases an upscale version of Lowcountry dining that is creative and precise. FIG is certainly a must visit!

The Ordinary

Summer Getaway Destination The Ordinary Restaurant
Photography by The Ordinary

Founded in 2012, this exciting seafood-focused restaurant has quickly transformed into a local favorite. Additionally, their menu celebrates the classic foods of the Coastal Carolinas and the East Coast. From succulent shrimp to delicate oysters, every dish is a testament to the region.

2. Savannah, Georgia

Summer Getaway Destination Savannah, Georgia
Photography by Explore Georgia

The historic city of Savannah captivates visitors with its cobblestone streets, charming squares, and iconic architecture. Home to the renowned Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), it is obvious that this city is made for artists. But Savannah is also place to immerse yourself in notable historical sites like Forsyth Park or St. John the Baptist Cathedral while also enjoying the diverse landscape.

Where to Stay?

Savannah contains some of the most creative and breathtaking hotels in the Southeast. But each one offers a unique experience that adds to the city’s charm and Southern hospitality. With historic mansions converted to accommodations, this city offers a range of places for your basically perfect weekend summer getaway!

The Present Hotel

Summer Getaway Destination The Present Hotel
Photography by The Present Hotel

The Present is a charming boutique hotel that certainly blends contemporary design with Southern charm. Each guest room is carefully and thoughtfully curated with different design options for each. Coupled with many on-site restaurants and rooftop bar, this hotel has it all. Located in Savannah’s historic district, The Present is perfect for immersing yourself in the city’s culture!

The Alida

Summer Getaway Destination The Alida Hotel
Photography by ResortPass

This stylish retreat of a brick building is The Alida Hotel. This boutique hotel holds some of the most unique guest rooms in the downtown historic district. However its prime location is central to many sightseeing areas and the pool allows for you to relax after spending the day in the Savannah heat!

Where to Eat?

Overall, Savannah’s food scene is filled with hidden gems and local eateries that allow you to dine like a resident. Here, each restaurant captures the charm of the city, with food equally as diverse as the architecture.

The Collins Corner

Summer Getaway Destination The Collins Corner
Photography by The Collins Corner

Perfect for brunch, the Collins Corner offers classics like biscuits and gravy and French toast, but with a twist. Their dinner menu serves more on the upscale side with steak tartare and rainbow trout. However, The Collins Corner serves on the lower end of a price range, making a cost effective and fun weekend!

The Grey

Summer Getaway Destination The Grey
Photography by The Grey

Located in a 1938 Greyhound Bus Terminal, the Grey provides a unique take on Port City Southern food that appeals to this youthful city. In 2012, Johno Morisano and Chef Mashama Bailey partnered together to create this innovative dining experience. Since then, it has since become a Savannah staple.

3. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Summer Getaway Destination Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
Photography by Martha’s Vineyard Online

Martha’s Vineyard is a captivating island off the cost of Massachusetts that holds timeless beauty and charm. This island is home to pristine beaches, charming towns, and of course the iconic lighthouses. The diverse landscape is especially complete with many landmarks like the Edgartown Lighthouse.

Where to Stay?

Martha’s Vineyard is home to adorable inns and trendy hotels, all similarly upgraded to appeal to modern lodgers. Each boutique hotel in the area is unique in design creating an appealing stay for your weekend summer getaway!

Faraway Hotel

Summer Getaway Destination Faraway Hotel
Photography by

The Faraway Hotel is quirky and exceptional in its design. Additionally, each room is held in a small cottage, allowing for a secluded and intimate resting space for your getaway. Furthermore, The Faraway offers a memorable stay that compliments and artistic elements of this island.

The Edgartown Inn

Summer Getaway Destination Edgartown Inn
Photography by The Martha’s Vineyard Times

This precious bed and breakfast offers a traditional look into Martha’s Vineyard. What’s more, housed in a restored property from 1798, The Edgartown Inn has been transformed into several upscale rooms, perfectly suited for a variety of vibrant personalities. Adding to the excitement, one of the standout features of the inn is the amazing front porch, where you can enjoy the swing while savoring your morning cup of coffee!

Where to Eat?

Martha’s Vineyard has a vibrant food scene with an array of options that cater to any palate. From charming seafood shacks to farm-to-table cuisine, the island offers a true delight to diners and tourists alike.

Alchemy Bistro and Bar

Summer Getaway Destination Alchemy Bistro and Bar
Photography by Alchemy Bistro and Bar

Inspired by the vibrant cultures and culinary styles of costal Europe, Alchemy Bistro and Bar creates a one-of-a-kind dining experience. The restaurant also offers a wine program directed by Meaghan Robinson, which is perfect for wine lovers!


Summer Getaway Destination L'etoile
Photography by TripAdvisor

L’etoile is a vibrant restaurant that adds a modern experience for your summer getaway. What’s more ith specialty cocktails and an innovative seasonal menu, L’etoile will not disappoint!

4. Sonoma, California

Weekend Summer Getaway Destinations Sonoma, California
Photography by Tough Mudder

Picturesque vineyards, farm-to-table food, and world-class wineries are the basics of Sonoma, California. Nestled in the heart of California’s wine country, Sonoma is a captivatingly beautiful spot for a weekend summer getaway. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast, foodie, or nature lover Sonoma is an unforgettable experience!

Where to Stay?

Tranquility and sophistication are the norm at Sonoma. With a multitude of luxurious resorts and quaint hotels, there certainly is something for everyone. Whether you crave a peaceful retreat or romantic getaway, Sonoma is the perfect spot!

Farmhouse Inn

Farmhouse Inn
Photography by Sonoma County Tourism

The Farmhouse Inn is the perfect spot to hide in the countryside and wade in the pool after a long day at the vineyards. Home to a Michelin-starred restaurant, relaxing spa, and rustic charm, these cottages are a must stay!

Cottage Inn and Spa

Cottage Inn and Spa
Photography by Cottage Inn and Spa

The intimate Cottage Inn and Spa has many modern and unique suites that hold true to traditional California architecture. With a cozy outdoor fireplace and comfortable seating, this place is the epitome of rest and relaxation!

Where to Eat?

Known for lush fruit, vegetables and herbs, Sonoma has more to offer than just wine. Here, the food scene is vibrant and bursting with flavor from its famous farm-to-table restaurants. Sonoma allows farm tours and cooking classes, making your dining experience even more unique

The Girl & the Fig

The Girl and the Fig
Photography by The Girl & the Fig

Located in Sonoma Plaza, The Girl & the Fig serves up innovative French cuisine. The menu is seasonal and features classic cheeses and charcuterie alongside French aperitifs. The warm and inviting ambiance creates a perfect setting for a late-night dinner.


Photography by TripAdvisor

This gem captivates food lovers with its fusion of local and seasonal ingredients prepared to create nourishing dishes. Animo is a Korean-American and Basque fusion spot that was recently added to the Michelin Guide.

5. Nashville, Tennessee

Summer Getaway Destination Nashville, TN
Photography by Insider

Nashville seems to be the “IT” city right now, captivating visitors with its vibrant energy and charm. From the famous honky-tonks on Broadway to the corners of each neighborhood, live music fills the air at every corner. This city blends the music, culture, and culinary delights perfectly allowing for a fun and exciting summer weekend getaway.

Where to Stay

Nashville is home to many emerging boutique hotels that are a great juxtaposition to the typical lodging in the area. Whether you want to stay in the middle of it all, or on the outskirts, there are so many options appealing to personal taste.

The Graduate Hotel

Graduate Hotel
Photography by The Graduate Hotel

Modeled after the iconic Dolly Parton, The Graduate Nashville is pink, bright, and just as cool as Dolly herself! With a rooftop pool and restaurant, one could spend their entire vacation in between the walls of the hotel. Each room is spunky, creative, and filled with personality making the perfect stay!

The Russel

The Russel
Photography by The Russel

The Russel Hotel is a hidden retreat on the outskirts of downtown in East Nashville. This boutique hotel is located in a converted church, and is filled with modern comfort and retro-futuristic charm. Minutes away from downtown, but outside of the hustle and bustle, The Russel is the perfect medium destination.

Where to Eat

Hot chicken is the Nashville staple, but its food scene is growing into diverse and sophisticated. Filled with many award-winning dining establishments to trend breweries and authentic cultural cuisine, there’s something for every palate in this growing town!


Photography by Adele’s

Adele’s is a local favorite, with a seasonal menu and diverse range of dishes, it’s no wonder that Adele’s has captured the hearts of locals and tourists. From Southern classics to global flavors, Adele’s is a dining experience unlike any other.

The Treehouse

The Treehouse
Photography by The Treehouse

Located in East Nashville, The Treehouse is an innovative dining experience that transforms into a dive bar after hours. The dishes are sophisticated, from fresh oysters to the best baked bread, The Treehouse is truly special!

Weekend Summer Getaway Style Guide

Kendra Scott Annie Y Necklace

Kendra Scott Necklace

The Kendra Scott Annie Y Necklace is a necessary accessory for your weekend getaway. With its classic and timeless style, this stunning necklace adds a touch of elegance to any outfit, without being too distracting!

Raffia Fringe Tote

Pink Raffia Fringe Tote

Raffia bags are all the rage right now, and this hot pink Raffia Tote from Anthropologie is the perfect statement to your outfits. This bag can go from the beach to dinner in no time, making it functional and practical!

Khaite Marion Strappy Leather Wrap Sandal

 Khaite Strappy Sandal

Sleek sandals are essential this summer, and the Marion Strappy Leather Ankle Wrap Sandal from Khaite are not only adorable, but versatile. The strappy detail not only creates elegance, but a secure and comfortable fit for those weekend summer getaway endeavors.

& Other Stories Eyelet Ruffle Tie Front Blouse

& Other Stories Eyelet Blouse

A lightweight blouse is a must-have, keeping you cool and stylish. This powder blue blouse from & Other Stories is elegant while still providing youthful fun!

Alice & Olivia Zumi Satin Minidress

Alice & Olivia Zumi Satin Dress

Summer is the perfect excuse to wear this bright minidress from Alice & Olivia. The classic style keeps the look timeless, while the green reminds everyone how fun you are!

Rag and Bone Sofie Wide-Leg Linen Pants

 Rag and Bone Sofie Wide-Leg Linen Pant

Linen is a summer staple, and these wide-leg linen pants from Rag and Bone add a structure addition to the style! These will be perfect whether you’re on the coast at Martha’s Vineyard or walking the streets of Savannah.

Derek Lam 10 Crosby Callista Ruched Cami Dress

Halter Cami Dress

A classic midi dress will never go out of style, and the Cami Dress from Derek Lam 10 Crosby is adorable! The perfect dress for a nice dinner or pictures on the beach.

Farm Rio Full Garden Halter Neck One-Piece Swimsuit

Farm Rio One Piece

Floral swimsuits are classy and spunky allowing your personality to shine through. This one-piece from Farm Rio is perfect whether you’re just lounging by the pool in Sonoma or laying in the sand in Charleston.

Dolce Vita Atomic Raffia Sandal

Orange Raffia Sandal

The classic raffia sandal is great, but these orange sandals from Dolce Vita add a fun pop of color! These are the perfect addition to your summer weekend getaway no matter the destination!

Staying for a long weekend? See 15 Dresses Everyone Needs in Their Summer Wardrobe!

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There’s nothing like a seared steak or charred veggies fresh from the grill on a summer day. Now that the weather is warming up, every day off feels like the perfect day to get outside and barbecue. With so many types, sizes, makes and models, purchasing a grill can be intimidating. Think of it like buying an apartment; there are hundreds out there, but it all comes down to what’s best for you and your needs. How much storage do you have, how often are you planning to barbecue, is it just for you or the whole neighborhood?

Keeping these questions in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite grills this year. From city novices to suburban grilling masters, we have recommendations for anyone looking to pick up the tongs and grill this summer.

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The first step in even thinking about purchasing a grill is considering what type you want. There’s an overwhelming amount of different ways to grill, the two most popular ways (that often sparks up much debate!) are gas versus charcoal. Reigning as the most convenient and beginner friendly of the two, gas grills have simple on-and-off functionality, and have the same user process as a stovetop.

You can’t begin to discuss top-of-the-line home grills without the name Weber. No matter the make or model, Weber grills never fail to ace the tests of grilling experts. The Genesis E-325 is an industry favorite and an overall great investment, with ample amounts of both searing and prep space. If you’re more of a tech-savvy chef, the Weber Genesis EPX-335 might be more up your alley. It has the same cooking power as its E-325 counterpart, however, it includes features such as a LED lighting system and the ability to link to your home’s wifi to monitor the grill status on your phone.

If you’re planning on being the head chef of all the family barbecues this summer, then the Monument might be the grill for you. This beauty has 700 square inches of cooking space, with not only four main burners, but a side burner as well. That means you don’t have to abandon your steak to take pesky trips back and forth to the kitchen to heat up the side dishes.


Charcoal grills are for those who want that extra emphasis on flavor. The coal itself adds that smoky taste to meat and vegetables without the labor of building an actual fire. It’s worth mentioning that charcoal grills get hotter than other models, so if the heat scares you then perhaps gas or electric would be better alternatives.

Another stellar Weber product, their kettle charcoal model is a well-loved classic. It only takes around fifteen minutes for one person to set up, coming with straightforward instructions to not confuse and overwhelm grilling newbies. In terms of performance, the Weber kettle leaves an excellent sear without leaving unnecessary grill marks.

If the kettle style isn’t your thing, consider trying a cart model. The Char-Griller certainly holds more than the Weber kettle, with a 550-square-inch cooking area. The loading fuel door at the front makes adding or removing charcoal from the grill safe and simple. Its stainless steel makeup also helps with temperature control, another intimidating factor for beginners. If you still want that charred charcoal taste but are worried about space, the small PKGO grill has both grilling and smoking functionality,


One of the biggest factors that turn people away from grilling is how big the machinery is. If you’re still looking to cook large portions at once but are missing the space you need to store a grill, the __ might be the one. It’s ideal for smaller backyards and patio spaces, but has the grill space to make around 24 burgers at once. The tables at its sides fold inwards to preserve storage space, and the lockable wheels at the legs __ tuck the grill into a closet or shed until its next use.

The Cuisinart Venture portable is the perfect grilling companion to take on tailgates, picnics, and camping trips. Don’t let the compact size fool you, this powerful gas grill cooks up a good char. Not to mention its easy set up and clean up makes for a hassle-free grill session with friends.

If you’re feeling adventurous, a hibachi grill is great for those who want to really experiment on the grill. The Hibachi is a traditional Japanese heating device, designed to hold burning charcoal. The best feature of the grill is its undeniable mobility, being small enough to be used essentially anywhere; even on tabletops.


Is your New York City apartment stopping you from your grilling dreams? Well, think again! Electric grills are ideal for those wanting to satiate their grilling fix but have limited space for a traditional outside grill.

The Hamilton Beach model is as easy as it gets: plugin, set your temperature, and you’re ready to go. The grill plates are nonstick, easing up that cleanup process. Not to mention this model is smokeless, making it optimal for everyday inside grilling. The Slim line electric griddle is cast with aluminum that makes it warp free, guaranteeing long-term use. Plus, its slick and lean design makes it perfect for storing away in cabinets after use. The Salton party grill comes with eight raclette pans underneath the cooking space, so you heat up desserts and side dishes as your main course is grilling above!

What dish are you dying to slab on the grill the most? Let us know in the comments section below!

Looking for more than just a new grill? Check out our 2023 smart home appliances round up here!

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Father’s Day is almost here and, we all know how nerve-wracking finding the perfect gift for dad can be. As a pillar of strength, guidance, and inspiration in your life, your dad deserves a gift that not only celebrates his role as a father but also supports his active lifestyle. Whether he’s the sporty type, an outdoorsman, golf-obsessed, or a dedicated runner, we’ve compiled a comprehensive gift guide to help you find something your active dad will truly appreciate.

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The Sporty Dad

If your dad is always on the move and loves to break a sweat, we’ve got you covered! Treat your sporty dad to gifts that enhance his performance, style, and overall well-being, making every workout session or backyard football game even more enjoyable with these products below!

Brooks Brothers 1/4 Zip


This cozy 1/4 Zip from Brooks Brothers is a versatile and timeless addition to any dad’s wardrobe. The classic style is chic and sophisticated, while adding a nice warmth to those cool summer nights. Whether he’s heading out for an early morning walk or at a casual restaurant, this 1/4 zip is a stylish alternative to the classic hoody. 



We’ve all woken up to the sound of our dad shaking his plastic protein shaker in the morning. That plastic shaker is way past due for an upgrade. This elevated 36oz Shaker from IceShaker is practically sound-proof because the mixer is connected to the top. No more metal mixer clanking around as he mixes his protein shake!

Adidas Campus 80s


These classic Adidas Sneakers are perfect for the sporty dad because they are trendy and functional! The timeless design of the Campus 80s creates a versatile and comfortable addition to your dad’s style.

Coola Classic Face Mist Sunscreen


Sunscreen is the most important element of your skincare, and yet your dad doesn’t keep it in his cabinets. The Coola Face Mist Sunscreen is perfect because all it requires is a spritz, like a setting spray. Not only will he feel refreshed, but he’ll be protected from the sun!

Yeti Hopper Flip 8 Cooler


This sleek and refined Yeti cooler definitely outdoes your dad’s old and clunky roller cooler. The shoulder strap makes this easy to carry to the ballpark, beach, or next door. Its simple design makes it perfect for any dad’s taste!

Nike Phenom Elite Joggers

Black Nike Phenom Elite Joggers on a white background

These Nike joggers are the epitome of comfort and style. With a relaxed fit and breathable materials, these pants provide the perfect balance between functionality and style. Dad can go on a grocery run and hit the gym without looking like a mess!

Casetify ‘The Future” Apple Watch Band

Casetify Apple Watch Band on a white background

These Casetify Apple Watch bands are amazing! They come in multiple colors and designs, allowing for your dad’s personality to shine through. Not only are they functional, but they are also stylish, making his active lifestyle a bit of fun!

The Runner Dad

Whether he’s a seasoned marathon runner or enjoys a leisurely jog in the neighborhood, these gift ideas will surely make his heart race with joy. From high-performance running gear to innovative extras, we have curated a selection of products that will elevate his running experience and show your appreciation for his dedication to fitness.

4-Piece Foam Roller Set

Black 4-piece foam roller set on a white background

This 4-Piece Foam Roller Set is the perfect addition to your dad’s post-run routine. The variety of shapes and sizes allows him to relieve certain muscle groups to better enhance performance. His rest is just as essential as his workout!

Alo Yoga Idol Performance Tank

White Alo Yogo Idol Performance tank on a white background

All of Alo Yoga’s products are impeccable, but this tank top is a necessary choice for your dad’s workout drawer. The soft fabric prevents chafing, ensuring a comfortable fit that allows for longer runs without discomfort!

Eleeels Handheld Massage Gun

Blue Eleeels handheld massage gun on a white background

The Eleeels Massage Gun is a game changer for the runner dad! The machine is compact and portable allowing him to carry it for those long-distance runs whenever he needs immediate aid. 

Hoka Clifton-9 Running Shoe

Black Hoka Clifton-9 Running Shoes on a black background

Hoka’s are known for excellent arch-support for runners, and the Clifton-9 is no exception. The pillowy soft sole allows your dad to run faster, and smoother, without fear of pain. And the elevated height is just enough to add bounce with each one of his steps!

Ray-Ban RB4367M Sunglasses

Gray, black, and yellow Ray-Ban RB4367M Sunglasses on a white background.

These Ray-Bans are not the typical dad sunglasses. These were created in collaboration with Ferrari, and they come in loads of creative and funky color combinations. Any dad will look cool on a sunny day with these on!

Nike Flex Stride Shorts

Black Nike Flex Stride Shorts on a white background

Nike has some of the best and most consistent running gear out there, and dads value all things dependable! These 5″ shorts may seem tiny, but they feature built-in compression shorts which are necessary for many runners to prevent chafing. They come in a variety of colors with a wide size range, perfect for any dad!

Amphipod SmartView Phone Waist Pack

Amphipod SmartView Phone Waist Pack on a white background

This gift is for the long-distance runner dad, and those alike. This Smart Phone Waist Pack provides convenience for runners to track their steps, calories burned, and of course notifications!

The Outdoors Dad

Get ready to inspire and equip your outdoors dad with the perfect gifts that align with his adventurous soul! From rugged gear that withstands the elements to innovative accessories that enhance his outdoor pursuits, these gifts will celebrate dad’s love for the great outdoors. Whether he’s a seasoned explorer or simply enjoys a leisurely hike in the wilderness, these hand-picked products will only elevate his outdoor experiences.

Hoka Anacapa Hiking Boots

Black Hoka Anacapa Hiking Boots on a white background

These Hiking Boots from Hoka are perfect for the mountains or camping. They come in a multitude of colors and sizes, making them perfect for any dad. The amazing arch support will aid your dad on those long trails.

Burt’s Bees Chapstick

Burt's Bees Chapstick on a white background.

Your dad will definitely need chapstick on his long hikes or camping trips, and nothing is better than something tried and true. Burt’s Bees classic chapstick is dependable and reliable. With all-natural ingredients, how could a granola dad not love it!

Columbia Silver Ridge Utility Vest

Green Columbia hiking vest on a white background

With several pockets, SPF 50 sun protection, and hook and loop closures, this Columbia vest checks all of the boxes for the outdoors dad. The vest comes in three colors, which are basic and blend into the foliage. Not only is it practical, but it also protects against the elements!

Stanley Classic Ultra Vacuum 1.5 qt Bottle

Green Stanley Classic Ultra Vacuum 1.5 qt Bottle

This Stanley Classic bottle is designed to tackle the wear and tear of the outdoors. Crafted with durability in mind, it is built to withstand the toughest adventures. With its insulated construction, your dad can enjoy his favorite hot beverages on the go, keeping them piping hot for hours!

Eddie Bauer Guide Pro End-to-Ender Pants

Eddie Bauer Guide Pro End-to-Ender pants on a white background.

These nylon Eddie Bauer pants are perfect for your dad’s hiking gear. Designed with added stretch, they provide loads of movement and extra mobility, ensuring your dad can conquer long hikes and challenging climbs with ease. With their durable construction, these pants will become his go-to choice for all outdoor adventures!

Odoland Camping Cookware Mess Kit

12-Piece camping cookware set on a white background for the outdoors dad

This 12-piece camping cookware set has every essential your dad could need, including a mini stove. Its compact design makes it perfect for those spontaneous camping trips or week-long hikes. With this set, your dad can have a warm meal whenever he needs, adding comfort to his outdoor adventures!

Hydro Flask Hydration Pack

Black Hydroflask Hydration Pack on a white background.

This Hydration Pack from Hydro Flask is the perfect choice for a dad who values convenience and hydration during his time outside. Not only does this bag hold 2 liters of water in a reservoir, but its 14-liter capacity allows for snacks, extra layers, and trail maps. With this pack, your dad can stay hydrated and comfortable on rugged terrains. 

Shopping for mom? See trending Summer 2023 items here!

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Summer is here, and that means it’s vacay time! What better way to spend your vacation than at a beach house? These beach house rentals on VRBO are perfect for spending time with your friends and having an incredible view. It will also make great Instagram pictures. No matter which coasts you prefer we have something for everyone!

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1. Carbon Beach Oceanfront Beach House


This property is right on the shoreline of Carbon Beach in Malibu. It holds up to four people and includes a private deck, a fully equipped kitchen, and an HD flat-screen TV. This beach house is a short distance from fancy restaurants such as Nobu and grocery stores such as Whole Foods. If you want a luxurious beach vacation on the west coast, look no further.

Check out this beach house on VRBO.

2. Modern Santa Monica Beach Home


This beach house by the shore of Santa Monica Beach is perfect for throwing a small party with your friends. It sleeps up to 12 people and even has a billiard room! The spacious living room and kitchen are perfect for having a dinner party. Everything about this property is beautifully modern. This beach house rental is also within walking distance from the Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach Boardwalk, and so many more.

Check out this beach house on VRBO.

3. Outer Banks Nature Beachfront Home


This enormous beach house sleeps up to 18 people and has a hot tub and a game room. If you’re thinking about visiting the Outer Banks with your friends, this beach house rental would be perfect for everyone. It is super spacious and has something for everyone! As if this property couldn’t get any better, it also has a wet bar with a full-sized fridge and microwave. A perfect place to stay if you have a summer birthday.

Check out this beach house on VRBO.

4. Ocean City Beachfront Condo Home


If you’re looking for a more small and intimate vacation home, this beach house rental will be perfect for you! With one bedroom and two beds, you can have between one to four people in this oceanfront condo home. If you’re ever tired of the view, you can go swimming in the heated indoor rooftop pool or play in the game room. Or maybe the tennis court or sand volleyball court is more up your alley. Either way, this property is filled with things to do.

Check out this beach house on VRBO.

5. Beach-Themed Oceanfront Condo


This beach-themed beach house rental is located on the 9th floor and offers an amazing view of Myrtle Beach. It sleeps up to six people and includes a large pool and lazy river. Perfect for a small friend gathering.

Check out this beach house on VRBO.

6. Hawaiian Beach House Oceanfront Villa


If you’re looking for something more tropical, this villa will be perfect for you. Located in Ka’anapali, Hawaii, this beach house rental offers a beautiful view of the islands from Lanai to Molokai. The spacious open floor plan with a modern design is the perfect mixture of relaxation and adventure.

Check out this beach house on VRBO.

7. Luxurious Contemporary Ocean View Beach House


This luxurious three-bedroom Malibu beach house rental offers an amazing view of the ocean as well as being a short distance from numerous restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. The spacious living room and kitchen are perfect for having a game night. Everything about this beach house screams fabulous and modern luxury.

Check out this beach house on VRBO.

8. Peaceful Oasis Private Retreat


Looking for a New York getaway without the busy city scene? This beach house rental located at the east end of Long Island will be perfect! It is one of many houses apart of the Ocean Colony Beach and Tennis Club. This property offers a great view of the beach and it is very private so you can relax with no worries about seeing random people.

Check out this beach house on VRBO.

9. Mid-Century Oceanfront Beach House


This is another beautiful and super luxurious beach house rental in New York. Located in Montauk, this mid-century-esque house offers a super homey feel and the back patio overlooks the beautiful beaches of Montauk. There are also surfboards, paddle boards, and kayaks on the premise if you’re up for some fun in the water. It is also a super short walk from local restaurants.

Check out this beach house on VRBO.

10. Clean and Modern Zen Garden Rental


This beach house rental is located by the Santa Monica beaches and includes a zen garden and studio! Whether you want to have an adventurous day or a calm and relaxing one, this property has it all. Not only that, but this house is also a close drive to Los Angeles! A perfect beach and city mixture.

Check out this beach house on VRBO.

11. Luxury Private Beach Studio


If you’re looking for a small and intimate staycation, look no further. This luxury studio is located right by Playa Del Rey Beach in Los Angeles. It is also within walking distance of the ocean, shopping centers, top LA restaurants, and nightlife.

Check out this beach house on VRBO.

12. Tropical Relaxing Hawaiian Resort


Hawaii is the perfect place to rent out a beach house. This beach house resort on the island of Maui offers a cute little kitchen area and an open dining and living room. There are beach-themed items sprinkled around the house to make you feel immersed in the beach experience.

Check out this beach house on VRBO.

13. Romantic Oceanside Beach Condo


Not to be confused with the Hamptons in New York, this oceanside beach house rental is located in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. The balcony looks out over the shoreline and you can pretty much get a great view out of every window. This ocean-themed beach house rental will definitely elevate your experience in New Hampshire.

Check out this beach house on VRBO.

What to Bring to a Beach House Rental?

Want to see more beach and fashion inspo? Check out how you can style cute swimsuits for the summer here!

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