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by chirpyest

Tabletops in any room or setting can have the power of drawing attention to guests and anyone who walks by. Whether placed as centerpieces at the dinner table, or as decorative pieces, we have just the right inspirations you need to lighten up the room and spark enjoyable conversations.

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Picnic Picks

With the fresh warm sunshine coming in, we know days spent relaxing are becoming much more often. Who doesn’t love a sweet picnic? While you prepare for barbeque season, and a fun day in the sun with friends, we have your go-to picnic essentials for a perfect day outside.

Cocktail Finds

When hosting a cocktail party, we want you to feel confident with all the right refreshments to host a great party. Here are our favorite pieces we’re sure to make any gathering come to life!

Mixture of Beauty

Here are a few tabletops that can add an extra “wow” factor on any surface they’re placed on. From bowls to centerpieces, you can never run out of options to create a beautiful table spread.

Glowing Glasses

Who said drinking had to be boring? Here are some of our favorite glasses we think would be perfect for any time of day at the table. Whether you’re using these gorgeous glasses to celebrate or to have quality times with friends, we think these glasses are just the right ones to be used!

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