Types of Wallpaper to Redecorate Your House With

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Have you ever looked at your white or beige walls and felt they seemed too boring or basic? Wallpapers can help make a room pop. If you don’t want to spend hours painting the walls, wallpapers are the way to go. There are many options to choose from: solid colors, patterns, textures, or designs. And, you can pretty much put them up in any room in the house! It can help bring the whole space together and give the room a different vibe. Check out some of these wallpaper ideas below and how you can recreate them!

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Neutral Patterns and Textures


Photo: @wallquestofficial on Instagram

Neutral colors are a great way to elevate a room and add fun without drawing in all the attention. It’s very low-key, and sometimes that’s all you need to spice up a room in your house. A wallpaper like this is a great way to subtly elevate the room and make it look more modern. It won’t take attention away from any home decor pieces, but instead, it’ll bring everything together and make the space look more cohesive. If you tend to be drawn to lighter more neutral colors, this wallpaper is a great match. If you’re looking to try this style, check out this similar style of wallpaper from Anthropologie.

Office Space

Photo: @betapetwall on Instagram

This is another great way to decorate your house if you’re a fan of neutral colors. The light patterns help bring more livelihood to the office or study space. You’re less likely to become bored quickly when the room you’re in feels exciting and you’re not just staring at a blank white wall. If this is a design you’re interested in, check out this wallpaper from Home Depot.

Bright Colors and Patterns


Photo: @sorbet_dreams_by_reka on Instagram

Bright-colored wallpaper is great for brightening up the room. One of the most popular designs is bright floral wallpapers. They are versatile and can be put in any room. The light blue background makes the flowers stand out and add more life to the room. The bright-colored furniture and sheets pair super well with the wallpaper. If you like bright, pastel colors check out these pastel floral wallpapers from Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie:

Anthropologie Floral Wallpaper | Urban Outfitters Pastel Flower Wallpaper | Urban Outfitters Navy Floral Wallpaper


Photo: @yssinteriordesign on Instagram

This light blue and white patterned wallpaper goes really well with a white and gold bathroom. Blue and white, and blue and gold are some of the most common color pairs. White and gold are also very popular in interior design. All three colors pair beautifully together and create a great dynamic for this room. If you have a white bathroom and want to spice things up, this kind of wallpaper would pair well. Check out some similar options from Anthropologie and Home Depot.

Bedroom or Study Space

Photo: @weltonfinds on Instagram | Featured on English Home Magazine by photographer @janetmcmeekinwriter

If you’re looking to add some pop of color to your bedroom, a neutral and pink floral wallpaper will do the trick. This is a great addition because the design is not too crowded to make your eyes boggle. If you’re a pink girl, this would be right up your alley. The designs can make a room less plain or basic. For more pink-inspired wallpaper, check out these designs from Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie!

Living Room

Photo: Architectural Digest, Shane McCauley

This retro flower-themed wallpaper fits super well with the retro-themed living room. The contrasts between orange, brown, green, and blue amongst some other colors add a pop to the living room, making it feel lively and fun. It is the perfect type of wallpaper to add to some funky and retro-styled furniture. This wallpaper can be a great basis for a unique living room look. It will for sure catch everyone’s eyes as they walk through the door. Check out the pastel version on Urban Outfitters!

Geometric Patterns


Photo: @thibaut_1886 on Instagram

This navy and white geometric patterned wallpaper suit the bathroom well. Adding this wallpaper to a modern bathroom makes it look a little less basic. It’s a great way to design any bathroom and give it a little pop. Whether it is for your bathroom or any other room in the house, geometric patterns are so versatile you can put them up anywhere! Check out these geometric wallpaper options from Anthropologie, Overstock, and Wayfair.

Dining Area

Photo: @julienilldesigns on Instagram | Photography: @brantleyphoto

Blue is a great color to put in a room with big windows and lots of natural lighting. This patterned wallpaper fits in so well with the blue dining chairs without overpowering them. The natural light coming through the windows highlights the little intricate details giving them their own moment to shine. Check out some similar blue patterned wallpapers from Wayfair here:

Blue Geometric Wallpaper | Blue Patterned Wallpaper | Blue Geometric Contemporary Wallpaper

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