Get Inspired: 9 Floor Mirrors You Need Now

by chirpyest

Floor mirrors can be a controversial decor item – but when styled correctly it bring a room together. We can all agree mirrors help open up any space to seem larger. Of course, so many people wonder how are floor mirrors useful for more than outfit checking? Floor mirrors do the maximum effort for opening up a space, making it brighter and more airy. So, today we are showing you 9 floor mirrors we think you need.

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Arched Floor Mirrors

Arched mirrors are perfect if your pairing with a room full of soft edges or want to add contrast to a room with sharp edges. Both soft and elegant you can’t go wrong with an arched mirror to add dimension and style to a room. But, what size do you need for your home? Of course, it all depends on the space. For small apartment bedrooms, a long and thin dressing mirror would work best. This will really maximize the space. Avoiding floor mirrors with stands allow for these to be hung slightly above the floor. This makes way for bedside tables or even a lounge chair to sit in front of the mirror. For a larger room, like living or dining, wide is the way to go. These mirrors add a touch of opulence to a room, creating the perfect space.

Modern Floor Mirrors

For those of you who may be into more abstract elements – these modern mirrors are perfect to add to give a room some character. Modern and abstract mirrors help make decor fun while still helping open up a room. They serve as a great full body mirror while adding a fun touch to any space. The Estelle floor mirror definitely made waves in the last year, especially with that wavy edge. But, if the look is too much for your taste opt for simple mid-century look like the Selene floor mirror. When adding modern details to a home, make sure they already work in your home’s interior look. The Safi mirror is a great way to do that. The egg shape is simple yet eye-catching. It definitely appeals to the the minimalist yet surreal style that is trending right now. Modern and abstract floor mirrors add a unique touch to the home, and area great conversation starter.

Rectangle Floor Mirrors

A classic go to is always a rectangle floor mirror. One of the more common mirrors for a reason. It’s chic and usually pairs well with any style of interior. Its simplicity does not limit the possibilities of this accessory though! Rectangle floor mirrors allow for a wide range of design possibilities. The seamless shape can be utilized in many different ways, whether that be soft golds, art deco, or a nice wood finish. Of course, these mirrors have always been popular but you need an upscale floor mirror in any house. Rectangle floor mirrors or dressing mirrors are definitely a must-have home item!

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