The Essentials: 11 Kitchen Items to Complete Your Home

by chirpyest

Today’s essentials is all about kitchen items that should be in every household. Cooking or baking, these are must haves for the kitchen. Whether you are the ultimate chef or just try not to burn the house down when you cook – these 11 kitchen items are a must.

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1. Blender

Such a versatile tool – make smoothies, salsa and so much more with a blender.

2. Cast Iron Skillet

A classic staple in the kitchen – the cast iron skillet is perfect for baking in the oven and on the stovetop for frying.

3. Chef’s Knife

A chef’s knife is a must as it is perfect for most cutting tasks like dicing, mincing, slicing and more.

4. Colander

Always have a colander on hand to drain your pasta, chickpeas or whatever it is you need.

5. Cutting Boards

A duel purpose for both cutting and serving, always have cutting boards on hand in your kitchen.

6. Dutch Oven

A more heavy duty essential for the kitchen. Dutch ovens are another versatile item, perfect for preparing soup or browning meat and vegetables – you can even use it to make bread.

7. Measuring Cups

An obvious must have in the kitchen are measuring cups, and why not own a set with a cute design like these?

8. Mixing Bowls

Perfect to mix together any sort of sauce or guac – have bowls on hand to mix anything you desire.

9. Saucepan

Ideal for making any sort of sauce or even making a smaller portion of pasta. Snag this stainless steel saucepan with a modern 5 layer design.

10. Tongs

These silicone tongs are dishwasher safe and very versatile – with slits on one side and a concave shape on the other to make mixing and grabbing super easy.

11. Wooden Spoons

Another timeless and classic staple when it comes to cooking are wooden spoons. Here is an assorted collection of all shapes and sizes to fit any and all kitchen needs.

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